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Few Words About Us

Our vision is to continuously grow and provide leading low cost innovative solutions using IoT tomultiple industries.


We believe in continuous innovation using the latest technology. That is why we offer relavitely low cost proof of concept development. If you have an idea that uses IoT, do not hesitate to contact us.


We provide high quality IoT systems that are optimized for South Africa's broadband availabilty.


As our IoT solutions are cloud based, are scalable and offer low maintenance and low costs. Pay only for what you use.



Custom IoT sensor data collection.

Facial Recognition

Custom Facial Recognition Software and Vela.


Jabu, an IoT based multi-screen advertising.

Home Automation

Home Automation using Alexa/Google Home.

Call To Action

Since Microsoft Azure launched its two Data-Centres in South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg) in March 2019, the demand for cloud based solutions has increased dramatically. This has resulted in a call-to-action for companies to utilise the faster request times, security and scalability offered locally by Microsoft on Azure Services.


Jabu Advertising Unit - Raspberry Pi Powered

VELA (Version 1) - Face Recognition Access Control (Attendance Register)

Vela Version 2 (Contact-Less)

Vela Version 2 Contactless features a foot pedal for triggering face scans and also audible verbal read-out of identified face.
Vela comes with a free cloud based Portal for managing registrations and generating reports with Daily Hours for each employee.
Vela Is available to rent for 6 to 12 months and also for sale with low monthly service use Based fee.
Vela can use your existing wifi or can come with built-in internet access at an extra cost.

Vela Face Scan Demo

Vela Version 2 features a foot pedal for triggering face scans and also audible verbal read-out of identified face. Bulk Orders are available and include a discount. Please email sales@blinkiot.co.za or call 083 212 0905.

Vela 2 Optional features.
1. Built in Wifi.
2. Built in Lights for low light entrances/exits.
3. Custom reports, xlsx or csv exports for Data Analytics and integration into existing Payroll Systems.


Got any questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call.

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